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The ICCFA annual convention and exposition that starts April 8th in Las Vegas is one of the largest shows of it’s kind in North America.  The exposition allows industry providers the opportunity to display their new products and services and as well offers helpful training to the industries professionals. Grieving Together is excited to be a part of this annual event and will be showcasing it’s new mourning products at booth 775.
Grieving Together was honored to be able to supply “individual mourning pins with cards” to the 2014 Grief Seminar. Since 1941, Park Memorial Funeral Home has been committed to giving compassionate care and service to northern Alberta and the grief conferences are just another way in which they do this.  Park Memorial is located in Alberta, Canada and they have locations situated in Edmonton, Lamont, Mayerthorpe, Smoky Lake and Vergerville. This years speaker was Dr Alan Wolfelt – director
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Finely crafted mourning pins supplied to you at affordable prices. Our quality zinc alloy pins inlayed with black enamel fill are beautifully crafted to meet the highest craftsmanship standards.  Trimmed with a silver lining they are tastefully designed to be displayed on both men’s and ladies formal clothing.  This keepsake mourning pin easily attaches to any garment by way of a butterfly clasp.
Brown small family box with ribbons
Grieving Together’s Family Box is designed to supply mourning symbols to the family of the lost loved one.  There are 10 cards with attached symbol (pin, ribbon or bracelet) for the family members to wear at the funeral and for the weeks and months ahead.
White flower, 50
This box is designed to provide up to 50 memory cards along with symbols.  The memory cards are filled out by guests attending the service and then are returned to the matching decorative box for the family to receive as a gift.  The symbols attached to the cards are for the funeral attendees to wear and treasure as a keepsake of their lost family member or friend.
Grief was like a newborn, and the first three months were hard as hell, but by six months you'd recognized defeat, shifted your life around, and made room for it.”
Ann Brashares, Sisterhood Everlasting
“Contrary to what a lot of people believe (or hope), comfort doesn’t take the pain away. Comfort slides in beside the pain, pulling up a chair so that we have something more than sorrow in our hearts. Comfort gently expands our spirits so that we can breathe again. Comfort opens our eyes so that we can see possibility again. And on those days, whether it is the next day or five years removed, on that day when grief rears its dark head again, comfort helps us remember that pain is not all there is”
Peggy Haymes, Strugglers, Stragglers and Seekers: daily devotions for the rest of us
“I feel a flash of grief so intense it almost makes me cry out: not for what I lost, but for the chances I missed.”
Lauren Oliver
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